Laughing local with my Watermelon troupemates Kaspars and Heather

One day, I’ll share my improv journey – why I love it, how it’s changed me for the better, why I signed up in the first place – but today is not that day. Today, I’m asking you to support my improv home: Dallas Comedy House.

DCH is good; good for live comedy, good for Dallas, good for Deep Ellum, good for the community, and good for me.

Right now, that goodness is being threatened. For background info, please read owner Amanda Austin’s public Facebook post and WFAA’s story.

For now, the best way to support Dallas Comedy House is to continue to laugh local, funny business as usual. See shows, perform in shows, take classes, eat food, drink drinks, leave honest (hopefully positive) reviews on Google and Facebook, and tell your friends.

Thank you for joining me in having Amanda and DCH’s back.


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