Do you even beauty, girl?

Putting on my best natural, glowy, summery beauty blogger face – Lips: Rimmel London lip liner in Eastend Snob with Kylie Cosmetics x Kim Kardashian West creme liquid lipstick in Kim on top. Love the color, not sure about the formula of the KCxKKW lipstick yet.

I’ve always loved makeup. I blame/credit my mom’s career as a Mary Kay consultant when I was just a toddler. I would play with her makeup samples at the dining room table in our living room while she worked with clients to choose skincare products and colors that suited them. I’m sure there are photos of me as a baby with purple eyeshadow smeared all over my face. Ah, the good ol’ days and the 90s trend of brightly -colored eye looks.

Growing up, my mom taught me the importance of taking care of my skin, and – although she made sure I looked appropriate for my age – she always encouraged me to experiment and try things when it came to makeup. I wore it all throughout high school and college, and I remember my friends asking me questions and coming to me for suggestions for beauty, bath, and body products. I even remember a friend of mine getting mad at me that I was taking too long to put on sparkly silver roll-on eyeshadow (oh the horror!) just to go to the mall. But it was the mall, duh!

Over the past few years, my interest in beauty products has grown tremendously, much of which I contribute to discovering beauty videos on YouTube. You guys, my mind was blown. There’s a whole other world out there dedicated to primers, and swatches, and collaborations, and finding the perfect nude. These content creators – influencers, if you will – share their love for all-things beauty across social media and receive millions of followers and countless business opportunities in return. Color me obsessed. I’m fascinated, and I want to do it, too.

A few disclaimers:

I’m no beauty expert or makeup artist. I’ve never taken a makeup class. Heck, I’ve never even had a professional facial.

But, I do a lot of research. And I’ve tried my fair share of products. I love playing with makeup, and nothing thrills me more than when someone compliments my look or when a friend asks me for recommendations for x, y, and z. Paired with the fact that I’m social media savvy and have a decent understanding of how SEO/websites/the Internet in general work (thanks, career!), I feel actually somewhat suited (or, not 100% incompetent) to take this on.

The big-time influencers I follow have devoted countless hours and endless energy to building their “empires.” They do this full time and have earned quite a living from it.

That’s not the dream here (well, maybe it is). Let me rephrase: that’s not realistic. I have a full life – long work days, busy nights and weekends. I won’t quit my day job (at least not any time soon), and I don’t expect to attract thousands of followers (although, how cool would that be?!).

I want an outlet to share what I’m loving, what I’m trying, the good, the bad, and the ugly of beauty, with a little of life’s occurrences and a lot of realness sprinkled in. I feel like I have something to say, and that seems like a good place to start.


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