Sixty Miles With Sara: 3 Cheers For The 3Peat Year

With my mama on her last day of chemo

In February 2014, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 51 years old. She endured a single mastectomy and a long road of intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Needless to say, it rocked my world. I was living in Missouri at the time, and my mom getting sick was the biggest catalyst in the decision to move home to Dallas.

By January 1, 2015, her treatment was complete, and she had her final reconstructive surgery in December of 2015. The road to recovery has been a little bumpy the past few years with post-surgery complications and those always-daunting six-month checkups and screenings, but life is slowly but surely getting back to “normal” for my mom and my family.

Of course, I’m skipping over some details here, but – in a lot of ways – this story isn’t mine to tell; it’s my mom’s. I only know how I felt and, in turn, how I channeled those emotions and the desire to do something with them.

As someone who thrives on having a goal to work toward, I decided to honor my mom’s fight in 2015 by doing something bigger than anything I’d ever done before: walking 60 miles in 3 days. I did it for my mom’s fight, my cousin’s fight, my great grandmother’s memory, and my sister’s and my future.

After my first 3-day, I was hooked. I drank the KoolAid early, as they say, and registered for 2016 before ever hitting the pavement for the 2015 DFW3Day. Registering for 2017 was a no brainer! I’m so excited to be a 3peat walker this year!

A few blisters, shin splints, tears, and aches and pains are nothing compared to what those facing cancer deal with day in and day out. We must keep walking and fighting until every cancer diagnosis is met with a cure. I’m ready for another emotional, empowering, exhausting, amazing, challenging, life-changing experience!

The event is just 43 days away (eek!), and my fundraising and training experience has been very different this year than years past. I still have a long way to go when it comes to both. I plan to explain everything in more detail, including what the 3 Day looks like, who Team STEPS is,¬†what being a part of this crazy pink family means to me, and more. In the meantime, I’m training and working hard to raise the funds before the big day, which is only about 6.5 weeks away!

The bottom line is that I can’t get there without your help. Do you know someone who has been impacted by cancer? I want to walk for them. Please click on the pink badge on the right, or follow this link to donate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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