Skincare Secrets: Trish McEvoy

I’m a true product junkie and beauty enthusiast; trying new products excites me, and I love seeing what all the hype is about. Sometimes things are favs, and sometimes they’re flops! But that’s life, ya know? Take the good with the bad, the beauty with the beast, the sweet with the sour. That’s what makes this ride we’re on so interesting!

I’m also a twentysomething (ahem, late twentysomething), and I’ve experienced some changes with my skin over the past year or so. As a result, I’ve become more strict when it comes to SPF and I’ve started to take better care of my skin overall – even starting from the inside out (more on this later!).

So, when it comes to taking care of my skin, two things are absolute truths:

  1. I will always change/update my skincare routine as I try and find products that I love and that work for me (and don’t work for me). I don’t have a solid routine that I stick to right now. Sure, I have my go-to products, but most mornings and nights are different depending on my skin’s needs on that particular day.
  2. I will always spend money on a product I feel is worth it. Of course, I prefer to sample things first (and there are some excellent drugstore skincare products out there), but investing in skin care makes so much sense. Other than taking general care of yourself (eating right, sleeping well, drinking water, etc.), how you take care of your skin is what helps to keep you looking younger for longer. Plus, makeup won’t look good if your skin is a mess!

For reference, I have dry skin with extremely dry undereyes and fairly dry eyelids. I’m lucky to have a pretty even skintone, but I have some enlarged pores on my nose and an acne-prone chin/jawline. My nose can get a little shiny throughout the day, but it’s nothing a dab of powder can’t fix.

Here are a few skincare products I’ve been loving recently, both of which came in the Power of Skincare Confident Collection by Trish McEvoy that I splurged on during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale earlier this year! (The sticker shock was real with this purchase, but – when you break down the prices of the individual products – this kit was/is such a good deal. I can’t recommend it enough if you can still get your hands on it!) These two particular products were my favorites when I tried them out at the counter in Nordstrom before purchasing the kit, and I’m thrilled to report that they are still my favorites. (I just wish the price tags were lower!)

Beauty Booster Cream SPF 30

Full face of makeup, #nofilter

Product Description: Anti-Fatigue Moisturizer and Enriched Primer – Trish McEvoy’s multi- functional Beauty Booster Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the perfect moisturizer, primer and sunscreen to restore skin’s radiance and give longevity to your foundation while protecting skin from the sun’s damaging rays with UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. Recommended for normal to dry skin.

I have dry skin, so I always struggle with having to apply enough moisturizer to hydrate my skin after washing it in the morning but not applying too much so that my makeup slides around throughout the day (and believe me, your girl can slather on some product). And, layering moisturizer, then primer, and then foundation/bb cream/cc cream sometimes feels so heavy and can lead to breakouts. What’s a girl to do?!

Trish McEvoy heard my cries.

Her answer is a two-in-one moisturizer and primer with SPF. YES, PLEASE. I’ve been applying two pumps of this product on dry, clean skin every morning, and it has seriously changed my skin and my routine. I always like to have some type of SPF-product on my face during the day, but most moisturizers with sun protection are too greasy. Not this one!

Most of my summer complexion products have SPF in them, and I’ve worn this under them with no issues, which is surprising because you’d think doubling up on SPF would be a greased-chicken disaster. I’ve worn this under foundations and bb/cc creams, powder foundation, and on my face with no makeup at all. Makeup sits beautifully on it (and lasts all day), and my skin feels and looks hydrated, protected, and glowing all day long. Plus, it feels SO good to put on; so velvety and smooth.

Bonus: my skin is the clearest it has been in a long time, and I’m sure this product has something to do with it. AND, there’s no white cast, accentuated oily or dry patches, or weird balling up of product when I massage it in, apply makeup on top, or touch my face!

I’m down to my last few pumps of this product, and – although the price tag kills me – I’m pretty sure I will repurchase it again and again because it is so.dang.good.

Beauty Booster Oil

Clear skin, full smile, can’t lose

Product Description: This luxurious anytime, anywhere powerful skin reviver instantly unlocks your most vibrantly healthy, hydrated and radiant complexion. A potent revitalizing treatment, the dual-phase formula delivers beneficial ingredients to delicate facial skin, helping to guard against environmental stressors while supporting skin’s natural moisture barrier with the aid of essential oils. Skin will instantly look and feel its supple, balanced, new-normal best. Ideal for all skin types, the weightless, non-greasy oil absorbs on contact for a perfect pre-makeup finish. It can be added to boost your favorite moisturizer or foundation and applied anywhere on the face, body or hair. Contains Juvenessence to encourage firmer looking and feeling skin, Vitamin A to nourish skin’s health and lessen environmental effects, BioPlasma to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and Vitamin C to even and brighten skin’s appearance while aiding in the fight against hard environmental conditions.

I’ve used face oils before (specifically this one), but always before bed as part of my nighttime skincare regiment. I love how hydrating and nourishing face oils are, but I never thought I’d ever use one as part of my daytime routine because they are so greasy! That is, until I found this one. If dry oil is a real thing, the formula of the Beauty Booster Oil is exactly how I’d describe it, which is why I’ve been using it some mornings, too.

Part of taking better care of my skin is letting it breathe when I can. So, I don’t wear full makeup every day. Lately, my “no-makeup” days consist of slathering this oil from my hairline to my decolletage, rolling on a little under eye brightener, filling in my brows, layering on some mascara, and gliding on some lip gloss or lip balm. Done and done. Since I’ve been using this face oil, my skin has been so clear and luminous that I’ve felt comfortable enough going near-naked faced and feeling fresh and flawless! I’ve even gotten a few compliments,.

I’ve found that using a dropper of the oil with a pump of the beauty booster cream is a fun alternative to using the products individually, too!

What are your current skincare secrets? Have you tried these products or others by Trish McEvoy? I’d love to know!



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