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Starting Beauty From The Inside Out

Remember when I shared my skincare secrets from Trish McEvoy and mentioned how taking care of my skin has becoming increasingly important to me and how I’m taking things one step further by starting from the inside out? Well, let me introduce you to Vital Proteins.

If you follow bloggers and influencers on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve heard about Vital Proteins before. It’s super trendy right now, which originally made me turn up my nose and prematurely decide it wasn’t for me. But – after seeing it all over the place and reading so many people’s raves – I decided to give it a shot back in September, but prepared myself for disappointment. WRONG! I’m officially hooked. In addition to (trying to) eat a balanced diet, practice diligent skincare, drink water, get enough sleep, etc., this product has really changed the game for me.

A little background: according to Vital Proteins’ website, “collagen is the vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own and our diets today contain minimal collagen.” Benefits include glowing skin, a more youthful appearance, joint health, tendon and bone strength, healthy cartilage, increased athletic performance, improved digestion, gut health, and deeper sleep.


So, I ordered the original formula (unflavored collagen peptide powder) from Amazon and started adding 1 scoop to my cup of coffee (or tea) every day. You can also add it to cold drinks, smoothies, baked goods, soups, stews, and entrees – really, almost anything. It’s pretty must tasteless and undetectable in hot beverages, although I sometimes notice a texture if I let my drink get cold before I finish it. Note: the recommended serving size is 2 scoops per day, but the powder does contain protein and I’m trying to watch my weight, so I stick to one scoop. I have still seen great results, and my tub lasted longer! Score!

I started to notice changes in my skin pretty quickly. My skin became clearer and healthier-looking in as few as two weeks of adding the collagen to my diet every day. Of course, I’m not sure I can attribute these positive changes in my skin 100% to taking collagen (it could have been skincare, etc.), but I know it definitely contributed. I will also say that I ran out of my powder about a week and a half to two weeks ago, and I started to break out almost immediately. (As a result, I found my new go-to blemish buster, so it wasn’t a total loss. But still, no collagen = unhappy skin.)

It took longer to realize than the changes in my skin, but my hair is growing faster, too. I have very thin, dry, weak hair, and I’ve experienced a good amount of thyroid-related hair loss over the years, so I’m very choosy about what hair products I use and how much stress I put my hair through. I pretty much abstain from any heat styling, and I’m very careful to not physically stress my hair (pulling, tight ponies/buns, etc.). Despite my efforts and dedication to taking Biotin every night before bed, my hair grows soooooo slowly. That is, until I started taking this collagen. I mean, it probably still grows slower than other people’s hair, but I’ve noticed faster growth than I’m used to.

Another thing worth mentioning when it comes to my hair: the exact same week I started taking collagen, I got the hair dye job from hell. Due to my stylist’s mistake, my hair underwent several (we’re talking 4+) rounds of semi-permanent and permanent color over 3 consecutive days (to achieve mediocre, just passable results…but that’s another story for another time). I was freaking out that my hair would fall out and/or have a lot of breakage due to the over processing, but I honestly think that this powder saved my hair. Of course, I have no idea how long it takes for collagen to get into your system, but I didn’t experience as much hair loss/breakage as I anticipated, and I think it’s because the collagen powder was already working its magic.

Finally, I really do think that having extra collagen in my system prevented my stress fracture from getting worse. When I had my MRI, I had been taking the collagen peptides for about a month and although I had been injured for a lot longer than that, my stress fracture was very early-stage. There’s no way to know for sure, but I’d like to think that my bones were a little stronger because of the collagen supplements. Who knows? If I had been taking the collagen earlier in my 3 Day training season, maybe I wouldn’t have injured myself at all!

I’m telling you: this stuff is magic. And – TMI (forgive me) – I believe the claims about improving gut health are true. Things have been much more…regular…since adding collagen to my diet. Can’t complain about that!

After a while of keeping the big tub of powder at home and a smaller container of it at work, I realized I needed a portable option to use on the go, so I ordered the stick packs to keep in my car and purse. These little sticks were great to travel with when I was on a plane almost every weekend in November.

As I mentioned, I ran out of the powder about 2 weeks ago, and I ordered some more on Black Friday, when Vital Proteins was offering a free gift with purchase. With my purchase of a new 20 oz. tub and the 20 pack of sticks, I received a 5 oz. tub for free, which will be perfect to keep at work! Be aware that there’s currently no price difference between buying on Amazon, on the Vital Proteins website, and from other retailers. It just depends on your preference (and whether you have Amazon Prime) and what promotions are running at the time of your order.

There are a few other products from Vital Proteins that I’m curious about and would like to try soon, including:

Do you believe in supplementing, or do you focus more on nutrition and exercise to fuel your body and stay healthy? What supplements do you take to boost your health, energy, and beauty? Have you tried any Vital Proteins products? I’d love to know!


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